Help For Yula

In July 2016 Yula’s two and a half-year-old daughter Eva was diagnosed with osteomyelitis, an extremely rare bone infection, which has required several surgeries and constant medical attention. She now awaits more surgery and a long recovery.
Yula and Eva need your support.
As Yula said recently: “I never imagined that life outside of the dump could be so difficult. It turns out that I am not as strong as I thought I was. When I was at the dump, I didn’t suffer as much as I suffer now as a result of Eva’s health problems. I am deeply appreciative to everyone who can help, for truly I don’t know what I would do otherwise. Thank you very much from the very bottom of my heart for your financial support of Eva in this time of her greatest need. I am still hoping that everything will turn out okay and with your kind help and support, that may still happen.”

To donate please go to the following link and specify that your donation is
“For Yula”